Stargirl and other dreams

3 Apr

 Today I listened to Love, Stargirl(a book on tape) by Jerry Spinelli.  It is the sequel to the book Stargirl, which I like too, but not as much as I like Love, Stargirl. 

 “Stargirl”(main character girl-and yes that IS her name) ha such a wonderful outlook on life, she has tons of imagination and free spirit. It’s really great, and I’ll have to say, the book  is possibly one of my favorites.

 I am just dying to start wearing shorts full-time. And daydreaming about it: I have this daydream where I am in shorts and a tee, and I am running barefoot through grass. The sun is shining really brightly and I can’t see too well, but I am warm. Anyway, the weather goes back and forth so much it’s been kind of hard to tell if  I need to have my sum. clothes or my win. clothes out.  (telepathic message from me to the weather: Bring. The. Sun!)

Super cool, really awesome exciting, heart stopping news!! Fashion Post coming:) ( was that heart stopping??) 

Later, A

ramblings for EXTreMLY bored, patient people to read

15 Jan

Seek from within. That’s my new mantra. Now, just to be clear, that is not my ONLY mantra. I’ve got many. Aren’t you only supposed to have one mantra? I mean, you don’t hear people referencing multiple “mantras”!!!!!! No, you hear about people having just one. You know, I think that having one singular “mantra” may just be unrealistic. What do you think?

I own a dying plant. It is kind of deprived of nutrients, mainly because it lives in an east facing room, my bedroom. It has been dying for a while. Actually, maybe it’s not dying. It quite possibly could just be sick. Yeah, probably. And don’t get me wrong, I am being quite responsible with it. I feed it once in a while. Sometimes. Joking! Yeah, the problem is not that I am depriving it of water or something. I just don’t think it gets enough sunlight. Now before I bore you to death with my half dead plant stories…..

Midnight Musings

10 Jan

Hey guys! I know it seems like it’s been forever since I blogged last, and I guess it kind of has been, but I’m back! Even so, my posts may be few and far between, but keep checking! I’m saying this because in the coming weeks, cause I’ll be making a kinda major change. I will be buuuuuuusy. Oh, and the title, yeah, don’t ask. I thought it looked/sounded good.:D

I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s the other day,(for the seconed time actually) and am IN LOVE. The fashion in that movie is Killer! I am going to, like, steal Holly Golightly’s style. Now, how exactly could I steal a fictional character’s sense of style? I’ve got no idea, but whatever. I think the time the movie is in like the sixties or seventies. I think the sixties, but I’m not quite sure though. I would love to hear your thoughts on the movie, and if you love old movies, I think you’d like this one.:)

See ya, mememememememememememememememememememe(count the mes)

I. W.A.N.T. C.O.F.F.E.E.

22 Nov

Coffee. Yummmmmm. I looovvveee coffee! I think cappuccinos are the BEST-you?

Man, I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I am INTENSELY craving coffee. Like crazily cravin’ it. And no de-caf for me, I like it caffeinated the best.(though, if it’s after like 3:00, I MUST stick to de-caf. Unless I want to stay up ALL night hahahahaha-that was an evil cackle) Do I sound like a zombie? I’m kind of feeling like one!  Here’s what I’ve been thinking all day:Must have coffee. Must have coffee. Mus-you get the idea, right?

Anyways, that’s that. I’ve had some trouble coming up with ideas for this blog. No, I’m not going to discontinue it. Not to worry:). Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on what to do? Has anyone ever experienced this? If so, I would really appreciate it your input.(comment or email me-thanks!:)) It always makes me sad when someone stops blogging, even if I wasn’t a big fan of their blog. But I know though that all blogs must come to a stopping point at some time or other. It’s not like I feel pressured to blog or anything, it’s just that I feel a lack of inspiration. It’ll pass.

What are y’all’s favorite mags-do you read mags? Let me know!(sheesh I’m nosy=))

Bye byeeeeeeeee! sAhUbDbRoEtY(get it?)


19 Nov


I have not been practicing “blog procrastination” I’ll have you know, I have been doing other(highly important if I do say so myself)things. Guitar playing, singing, songwriting, and other musical kaploosh(I just made that up-thought it sounded good)like that:) I had wanted to start posting pics today, but my memory card is being stupid. Yup, I’m pouty. Technology is not my favorite thing to fiddle around with, and trying for 3 hours to figure it out is also not my thing. Uh-uh. All hail technology geeks a.k.a. lovers of technology.

So recently, I have been love, love, loving Audrey Hepburn style glamour. One word:FABULOUS! It’s like freakin awesome!!!!!!. And for some odd reason, kitschy jewelry. Think Japanese jewelry. plasticky. Are you thinking about Hello Kitty? You’re gettin there. Anyways, even though the 2 are completely different, they are what I’m craving fashion wise.

Is anyone out there, craving summer already? I think I kind if am. Maybe it’s the house I live in. Chilly? Yyyyyuuuupppp.(teeth chattering…brrrrrr….oh okay, it’s not that bad!) Goodness I’m complainy! definitely not as cold as Laura Ingalls probably felt in the winter, though…..that’s what I tell myself when I’m in my house feeling ccccold.

So long amigos!

Jeggings(jean leggings)

10 Nov

Very recently, jeggings are all over! We’re talkin’ EXTREME popularity! What do you think about them, cute or tacky trend? Comfortable or not? I’ve tried on a few pairs, and most of the ones I’ve tried on(not a lot)don’t fit me well at all. I am the average height for my age,(maybe a bit taller)and kind of thin. I am athletic, so my legs are a bit muscular,(not in a creepy way though!)so, I don’t know if that changes my sizing at all….But maybe, they weren’t created for my body type. Or anyone’s.(that doesn’t make any sense though)

Jeggings come in a range of stretchiness; from knit, to hardly even different from jeans. When I think of “jeggings” I think of knit leggings that are made to look like skinny jeans. Maybe my perception of them is inaccurate, though. I mean, there is such  range!
I actually own a pair of”jeggings” I put the quotation marks there because they really don’t even count as jeggings in my opinion. They’re really more like lightweight jeans. Does anyone out there, own jeggings, or tried them on? I’d love to hear your thoughts on jeggings!(or anything,

Love, sAgUkDtRmEbY(anybody get it?)


8 Nov

Hello worlllld!

So, it’s official. I decided against the”post a day”thing. Well, no. Honestly,(yes, I’m going to be honest, it’s my blog for goodness sake) on like day three or four I forgot to post. The end of that! Oh and a quick note to self:do not make promises you can’t keep. My lesson o’ the day.

I’ve been soooooo inspired by other people’s blogs lately,(so many, I can’t remember them all!)and I hope that some day, my blog will inspire some rookie blogger(or anyone!)like so many blogs have done for me. But it’s not blogs only that inspire me, it’s amazing people, places, random things, and my cat that inspire me. Note to self:make an entire post dedicated to my darling, precious cat, Caillou.(yep, she’s named after the cartoon)

Enough with the sappy stuff, I thought I’d talk about a latest obsession of mine, OLIVIA the pig. In case any of you don’t already know of her, I’ll tell you a little bit about her fabulousness. OLIVIA the pig is a character created by the author/illustrator Ian Falconer. She is a seven(?) year old pig, who loves fashion, dancing/ballet, singing/opera, and getting her way. She is a little drama queen to say the least, with an awesome imagination. There are several OLIVIA books out there, all of which are positively adorable, and I encourage you to check em’ out!

your best friend, Audrey


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